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Proprietary Consulting Services
Having worked on a wide range of consulting projects and services focusing on polymers for the past 28 years with fieldwork in more than 50 countries, Mr. Bauman is now offering his experience and expertise on an individual company proprietary basis focusing on domestic and international market analysis and forecasts, investment opportunities, price forecasts and competitive analysis.

Strategic Planning Assistance
Mr. Bauman has actively worked in numerous strategic planning projects as well as many mergers and acquisitions where strategy has been an integral part of the engagement. His industry knowledge has played an important role in the development of the strategic plans adopted by the client companies. The services offered are:
  • Working with the client company’s strategic planning team to provide independent market and competitive insight and alternative scenario views on a domestic and global basis during the process.
  • Strategy Audit – Review the client company’s strategic plan as a sanity check again providing independent market and competitive insight.
  • Working with Methodology Consultancies – often a company elects to engage a company that may not have an in-depth knowledge of the industry but has a very strong, proven methodology. In many cases there is an education process involved with some of the consultant’s team members. Mr. Bauman would be available to work as an industry advisor on industry and competitive issues with the selected consultant that could also include parts of the polymer training course to provide a better understanding of industry issues to the consultant’s team.

Expert Witness
Mr. Bauman has more than 40 years of experience in the plastics industry that includes plant operations and planning for a major chemical company (14 years) followed by 26 years of consulting with Nexant/Chem Systems. This includes specific work in the legal area in the form of depositions, technology evaluation and in helping company mergers and acquisitions deal with anti-trust issues. Mr. Bauman is available to work with companies to provide data for the case and expert witness testimony as needed.

Bankruptcy Due Diligence
Mr. Bauman is currently engaged on the lender side of a major chemical company bankruptcy. Services provided include vetting company business plans, financial forecasts, operations, and restructuring initiatives. In addition to a comprehensive review of the company’s historical, current and future financial performance, site due diligence visits for asset validation is being performed and detailed input for the financial model is being provided. Close interaction on a daily basis with the company and its restructuring entity are an integral part of the engagement.

A one or two day training course developed by Robert Bauman that can be tailored for each client company focusing on polymers, feedstocks and industry dynamics. The course would be given at any location the client company chooses globally. The course can include commodity, engineering high performance and specialty polymers or focus on specific segments (e.g., polyolefins). The training is designed to incorporate polymer basics (development, chemistry, technology, markets) with the key domestic and global issues facing the industry currently and in the future through its entire lifecycle from oil and gas through recycling and ultimate disposal. A brief outline of typical course material is appended.
Mr. Bauman has been an invited speaker at many domestic and international conferences and at many individual company functions such as licensee, internal company sales and strategy, and customer meetings to present his views on the global outlook for polyolefins, styrenics, vinyls and overall commodity plastics. In addition, he has participated in an annual conference call for a major stock analyst on commodity plastics. This service is offered on a per diem basis.

Retainer Service Contracts
A retainer service contract incorporating any or all of the above items as well as incorporating any additional specific items of interest to the client company can be set up with Polymer Consulting International. For example, in the past Mr. Bauman has made quarterly or semi-annual polyolefins industry review presentations to companies that have been scheduled as part of the company’s internal sales meetings, strategy meetings or on an ad hoc basis at an opportune time. These presentations have been tailored to each client with a specific agenda and with issues and questions to be addressed discussed in advance of the presentation. Often, individual meetings with specific business groups have been set up before or after the presentation to address issues and questions that were not necessarily germane to the entire meeting attendee group. The Retainer Service Contract has no minimum cost and the company is invoiced only for the services for which it contracts based on pre-agreed professional fees at specified rates and expenses for each task.

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